chemical free green cleaning...

Affordable Sustainable and Easier!

Chi Cloths are the most advanced fibre cleaning available - made of ultra microfibre.

Use only a small amount of cold water and a Chi Cloth to remove dirt, grease and bacteria. More effective than bleach!

Clean in half the time with fabulous results. These cloths last for years. You will never want to use chemicals or other fibre cleaning products again! 

Save Water

My cleaners can clean a whole house, including floors with

only two litres of water and Chi microfibre. It is faster and easier so more done for clients. Katerina

Tip! - By placing a bucket in your shower, you can

collect enough water to wash your car. And it

only takes 10 minutes with the Chi Clean Auto Glove.

Good Health News!

     Nothing works as well, I love them! Three of my        

children suffer from eczema and allergies. Your cloths

work better than chemicals or other fibre products

which is another win for the environment!

Dana, Envirocare Holdings WA